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BULLWEALTH diligently researches, selects and continuously monitors third party long only and alternative managers who outperform over the long term and effectively manage their downside risk. This is at the core of our value proposition.
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In the past decade the number of hedge funds in Canada has grown significantly and their performance as a group has been noteworthy. With this growth and performance has come increased interest in Canadian hedge funds by high net worth families, not-for-profit organizations and institutional investors, both in Canada and globally.

BULLWEALTH has developed proprietary hedge fund indices that are published monthly through our BW Canadian Hedge Fund Index and our strategy specific Sub-Indices. The BW Canadian Hedge Fund Index and related Sub-Indices are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the performance of the Canadian hedge fund universe based on a database of returns for over 300 distinct Canadian hedge funds. The inception date of the Index and Sub-Indices is January 2003. 

These indices help facilitate effective analysis of Canadian hedge funds versus their peers.

Index Bloomberg Code  November 2018 YTD Return 2018
Canadian Hedge Fund Index BWHFHFI -0.92% -2.79%
Canadian Hedge Fund Index ex-Equity Directional BWHFHFXD -0.73% -1.47%
Multistrategy BWHFMS -2.25% -5.53%
Equity Market Neutral BWHFEMN +0.48% +6.38%
Fixed Income BWHFFI -1.33%  0.00%
Event Driven BWHFED -1.42% -1.42%
Equity Long/Short BWHFELS -0.92% -3.71%
Equity Hedge Sub-Index BWHFEH -0.37% -1.09%
Equity Directional Sub-Index BWHFEDIR -1.36% -6.09%
Global Macro BWHFGM +2.38% -8.78%
Managed Futures BWHFMF -0.81% -13.77%
BULLWEALTH Index Detailed Methodology | Apr 13, 2015 Download
Benchmark returns contained herein are intended to provide readers with a  basis for understanding a portfolio’s historic performance in relation to comparable investments or the market segment in which the portfolio is invested.  Performance of the portfolio will vary from that of the benchmark as the securities held by the portfolio and/or their relative composition will vary from the benchmark.  A portfolio’s past performance relative to a benchmark may not be reflective of the future performance.


BULLWEALTH objectively conducts diligent research, selection and continuous monitoring of third party investment managers, then produces comprehensive quarterly research reports for the group of managers we are currently utilizing to implement our client solutions.

We also publish a quarterly market commentary hi-lighting macro-economic trends occurring in the global markets.

Periodically, BULLWEALTH writes articles or "white papers" for various publications. In the case of our CIO, Peter Klein, his papers have received academic acclaim and industry awards. In 2015, BULLWEALTH was awarded the Barclay Hedge Fund Award for Best Alternative Investment Research - Canada.

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BULLWEALTH reads and reviews numerous research reports, white papers and articles on an ongoing basis. Periodically, we read a report or article that we believe supports the components of our value proposition or may be of enough interest to share.

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