BULLWEALTH is an investment advisory and consulting firm with a global perspective.

At BULLWEALTH, we invest our time to understand your needs and share our insights, so together we can make the most informed decisions that align with your investment goals.


BULLWEALTH was founded in March 2000 to offer investment advisory and consulting solutions to high net worth families, not-for-profit organizations and institutional investors.

At BULLWEALTH, we invest our time to understand your needs. We take the time to get to know you in order to help you understand all of your options. We invest our time to share our insights, so together we can make the most informed decisions that align with your investment goals.

BULLWEALTH is independent. Our independence means we are conflict-free to advise you on your investment portfolio. We are only compensated by you – our clients! We receive no commissions or any other fees from any other organization; nor do we own, in whole or in part, any of the underlying investment managers we propose.What this means is pure, unbiased consulting advice.

We have a defined approach that aims to deliver superior independent and strategic consulting advice to our clients, which includes:

1. Building a sophisticated, customized asset allocation;

2. Completing extensive investment manager due diligence; and

3. Producing comprehensive quarterly reports to all of our clients.


Asset allocation is the cornerstone of all of our client portfolios.

BULLWEALTH assesses the goals for each of our clients, then optimizes their investment portfolio by using non-correlated, global asset classes. Once we understand our client’s specific needs, we customize their asset allocation to construct a portfolio to meet their objectives.

Since our founding, we have embraced institutional asset allocation methodologies to reduce our client’s portfolio volatility, while aiming to achieve their expected returns. By using our proprietary optimization software (‘OASIS’), we can build portfolios with multiple combinations of different risk and return outcomes, so together we can make the most informed decisions that align with your investment goals.

Our clients have access to global asset classes that include:

Canadian equities, global equities, international equities and/or US equities across the market capitalization spectrum;

Fixed Income
Canadian fixed income, high yield fixed income, private credit (mortgage investments & debt) and/or global fixed income;

Canadian real estate, US real estate, global real estate, hedge funds and/or private equity.


BULLWEALTH completes extensive investment manager due diligence.

Our due diligence includes an initial search process to annual onsite visits to quarterly conference calls to regular reviews of Statements of Investment Policies and audited financial statements for each investment manager. Most investors see the returns and high level process of an investment manager, however we apply both quantitative and qualitative criteria to uncover what is below the surface.

1. Why did an investment manager outperform or underperform their benchmark during specific time periods?

2. Does the investment policy match the holdings of the investment manager?

3. Is the volatility too high to meet our client’s investment goals?

BULLWEALTH searches for and hires high quality, global investment managers that can add “alpha” and provide downside protection to meet our client’s needs.


Each quarter BULLWEALTH delivers a comprehensive quarterly report detailing all of our client’s quarterly, annual and multi-year returns against their customized benchmark. In other words, we measure your investment portfolio against its customized benchmark for an apples to apples comparison!

Along with quantitative analysis of our client’s portfolio’s returns, we share insights into their investment managers through detailed quarterly commentaries, so all clients may understand which investment managers they are invested in and why.

Following the receipt of their quarterly report, we will review their portfolio’s results on a quarterly basis, or as and when they would like, so we may provide our clients with independent and strategic consulting advice.

Julian C. Smith


President &
Chief Executive Officer

Julian has over 15 years of investment advisory and consulting experience. He started his career as an investment advisor at Merrill Lynch before leaving to head business development at Charles Schwab Canada. Julian spent over 5 years as Senior Vice President at Raymond James Ltd. heading its Asset Management and Product Development divisions, then left to co-found a global government bond investment management firm. Julian’s expertise includes investment advisory and consulting, operational management, compliance and risk management, and leadership.

At BULLWEALTH, Julian provides investment advisory and consulting advice to high net worth families and not-for-profit organizations, along with research and due diligence of our client’s investment managers. Julian is also a voting member of the BULLWEALTH Investment Committee.

Julian is a graduate of Trent University with a B.Sc. in Economics and holds the CIM® designation (Certified Investment Manager). Julian also serves as a governor on the Trent University board of governors.

Peter Klein


Managing Partner &
Chief Investment Officer

Peter was a Principal of KCS Fund Strategies Inc. before joining BULLWEALTH in 2014. Earlier in his career he was a Vice-President with CIBC/Wood Gundy Inc. He engaged in a wide range of capital market activities in their Toronto and Tokyo offices and was also Chief Trader of the bank's European derivatives portfolio while based in their London, UK office.

Peter is currently a Professor of finance at Simon Fraser University. His research on investment policy, hedge funds and asset pricing models has been published in leading academic journals and earned numerous awards. Peter leverages this knowledge in the asset allocation modeling and implementation of our client portfolios and also serves as the Chair and voting member of the BULLWEALTH Investment Committee.

Peter holds a Ph.D. in financial economics from the University of Toronto, an MBA, LL.B. and B.Sc. from the University of Western Ontario, is a CFA® charterholder and also holds the CPA, CGA and CBV designations. He was formerly the Chair of the Simon Fraser University Academic Pension Plan.

Kevin Van Dyk


Managing Partner &
Portfolio Manager

Kevin has over 15 years of investment advisory and consulting experience, and continues to play a key role in our investment manager research and due diligence process, while maintaining investment advisory and consulting relationships at BULLWEALTH. Kevin uses his extensive background in manager research and due diligence, along with his expertise in analysis to foster strong relationships with our high net worth families, not-for-profit organizations and institutional clients. Kevin is also a voting member of the BULLWEALTH Investment Committee.

Prior to joining BULLWEALTH, Kevin worked at Merrill Lynch and CIBC Wood Gundy within their Managed Account platforms. Kevin graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours BA in Economics and is a CFA® charterholder. He is member of the CFA Society Toronto and the CFA Institute.

Josephine Chan


Partner, Portfolio Manager &
Chief Compliance Officer

Jo has over 10 years of investment advisory and investment management experience. She was an investment analyst at Ernst & Young's Investment Advisory Services, an investment analyst at Mercer Investment Consulting and an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Jarislowsky Fraser Limited. Jo is responsible for our firm’s compliance policies and procedures, and ensures we maintain compliance with all securities regulations. Jo also provides operational support to our team and works closely with our clients by providing investment advisory and consulting advice.

Jo graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA. She is a CFA® charterholder and also holds the CIM® (Chartered Investment Manager) designation.

Randy Gunn


VP, Client Strategist

Randy has over 15 years of financial advisory and consulting experience working with high-net-worth families and foundations at industry leading firms such as BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Citigroup Private Bank and Connor Clark & Lunn. Randy’s experience has helped him advise his clients on their investment and financial risks, while coordinating decisions with their other advisors.

Randy’s focus at BULLWEALTH is to safeguard his clients by ensuring that their risks align with their overall investment objectives. Randy is committed to building an integrated wealth platform where he can work with his client to achieve their future goals. Over the years, Randy has worked with families who have recently experienced a liquidity event, as well as foundations looking for unique investment consulting solutions.

Randy earned a bachelor’s degree from Brock University, an MBA from the University of Windsor, is a CFA charterholder and is a member of the CFA Society of Toronto. Randy is a member of the Organizing Committee of the CFA Society of Toronto’s annual Private Wealth Conference and a member of the Investment Committee for the Rotary Club of Toronto’s Charitable Foundation.

When not advising clients, Randy enjoys spending time with and entertaining his two boys either camping in the woods or at the ice rink.

Savva Cherdantsev


Associate Portfolio Manager
& Investment Analyst

Since joining BULLWEALTH in 2017, Savva has used his extensive background in investment analysis and programming to develop software to enhance our asset allocation (developed BULLWEALTH’s OASIS, our asset allocation optimization program), investment analysis and quarterly reporting platforms. Each of these developments has allowed our investment and consulting team to provide more effective, customized solutions to our clients, while also optimizing their overall investment portfolio. Savva has used his experience to provide insights and analysis on numerous investment managers in different asset classes, including real estate, private credit, and traditional equity and fixed income strategies. Since 2020, Savva has focused more of his time in conducting investment analysis on the hedge fund strategies, while also consulting with our institutional clients on their investment portfolios. Savva is a voting member of the BULLWEALTH Investment Committee.

Savva holds his M.Sc. in Finance from Simon Fraser University and graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics with dual degree in Economics and Banking from London School of Economics (‘LSE’). Savva is also a CFA Level 3 candidate.

Insights Into Wealth

Insights into Wealth is a series of podcasts and articles, created by BULLWEALTH, about various aspects of managing wealth. We take you inside BULLWEALTH to find out what makes us tick, what drives our decision making and the principles we live by in managing our clients’ wealth. We explore topics of interest for private clients, family offices and not-for-profit organizations. Hopefully there will be something of interest for everyone. And, because we know you're busy, we will keep the podcasts and articles short and to the point.

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