Our Solutions

BULLWEALTH offers Individuals & Families, Not-for-Profit Organizations and Institutions an approach to investment planning and implementation.
Three Services

High Net Worth Solutions

BULLWEALTH has been providing clear, independent advice to high net worth families since our founding.

We deliver objective advice around each of our family's unique circumstances to ensure that their ultimate needs are met over both the near and long term. To achieve these goals, we design and construct a customized investment plan and meet frequently to adjust the plan as targets change.

Our high net worth solutions include:

  1. A precise understanding of the core investment planning needs of our families;
  2. An optimized portfolio asset allocation;
  3. Utilization of non-correlated asset classes to reduce systematic portfolio risk;
  4. Objective due diligence and continuous monitoring of independent third party investment managers and solutions;
  5. A detailed comprehensive quarterly performance and asset allocation report at both the manager and composite levels;
  6. Portfolio tax efficiency; and
  7. Management fees traditionally available only to institutions with complete fee transparency.

BULLWEALTH provides objective advice and assistance to families by evaluating the full range of available financial solutions in the marketplace. However our families always make the final decision and choice is always provided. As advisors, BULLWEALTH explains the "pros and cons" of each investment solution, coaches families during the decision making process and negotiates direct contractual relationships for the chosen solution.

Key features of this solution include the direct engagement of investment managers and a custodian for families, as well as custom investment planning and portfolio construction.

Fiduciary Advisory Solutions

BULLWEALTH provides trustees and board committee members of not-for-profit organizations (public, private and corporate) investment advisory solutions to help them with their fiduciary obligations.

Fiduciary - An individual in a position of authority whom another person or organization has placed the utmost trust and confidence, and is obligated to act solely on behalf of that person or organization that the individual represents; a fiduciary may not seek benefit from the person or organization that they represent; examples of fiduciaries are executors, trustees and board/committee members

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We offer fiduciaries a "turnkey" investment solution so that they can comply with their "prudent (wo)man" obligations.

BULLWEALTH designs a customized investment plan for each not-for-profit organization based on their specific needs and mandates. We help the organization decide on an optimized asset allocation. We then help access unique investment managers and solutions that BULLWEALTH has identified by thorough initial and ongoing due diligence. Careful consideration is given to each organization's cash-flow requirements and disbursement obligations over both the near and long term.

Each organization's comprehensive investment plan is coupled with detailed independent quarterly measurement, monitoring and reporting to help trustees to effectively serve as "prudent fiduciaries". We also meet regularly with the not-for-profit organization's trustees to ensure they have the advice and education they need to discharge their responsibilities dutifully.

Investment Consulting Solutions

BULLWEALTH provides investment consulting solutions to support multi-employer and group retirement and benefit programs, and corporate and public pension plans. The cornerstone of our institutional offering that includes:

  1. Independent due diligence and continuous monitoring of each investment manager;
  2. Objective third party performance measurement;
  3. Comprehensive quarterly reporting;
  4. Transparent fee structures; and
  5. Aligned advice.

For our institutional investors, we provide guidance and support to plan sponsors for all types of group retirement and savings programs. BULLWEALTH takes an active, lead role with the governance of your group program to ensure all aspects of your program are appropriately addressed including investments, member education, compliance, and program administration.